About 30 Second Agile

30 Second Agile: Why are we different

Here at 30 second agile we are incredibly passionate about helping agile teams have breakthroughs. We all have our sticking points where our either our training or limiting beliefs causes us to stagnate.  These are growth points that require change. Changing is easy, it happens in a moment. It is breaking the cycle of feeling stuck that is so damn hard.

We are here to serve the agile transformation leader, agile managers, and agile team members who believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that their team(s) can be unstoppable. We love working with you because you already know that high performing teams do one thing better than any other team. They don’t settle for mediocrity and have a bias toward action in everything they do.

This blog is all about providing short, impactful tips that cut the crap and get to the core of what make great agile teams better. We wan’t to help you create a catalyst for change. If you want to get more serious, we offer more hands on coaching and help as well:

30 Second Agile Contact Details:

email: Rshaw@30secondagile.com

phone: (484) 854-1151

30 Second Agile Credentials

  1.  First thing you need to know is that we have lived it, hands on, with teams everyday and we are more than just training
  2.  Actual Certifications: CSM, CLKP, SPC3 & 4
  3. Us both knowing and understanding that certification means that I paid attention enough to pass a test but knowing how to help teams comes from getting my hands dirty actually doing it when the book knowledge stops producing.