One thing to help change adoption

There are days where it seems change adoption will never happen. Weeks, months, or sometime years will pass only to see little movement towards a new direction.

The mission was clear, the vision communicated, and rampant evangelism is happening. Despite all efforts teams have slid back to old behaviors and you are left with another day of re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Every growing company hits these stages at times. Where yesterday's norms won't support the weight of tomorrow's needs.
Chances are the dedicated people who got you here are the very ones dragging their feet.

So many companies head down the route of penalizing this non-compliance to force change. While this often works, it leave a tremendous amount of bad blood on the floor in it's wake. In some cases this may be a necessary last resort.

Before reaching that point can marketing psychology offer something helpful. After all they have a brilliant track record of moving people to take action to buy now, call now so not to be left out.

As leaders we often see pointing out non-adopters as a powerful motivator for driving adoption. Focusing on how 90% still have not started using new thingy X.

Counter to this belief; marketing science research shows that emphasis on the bad behavior usually leads to sustained or worse, actual increases in bad behaviors.

Marketing would take a different tactic. Building a strong brand around the 10% that have "already made the right choice to be better". While almost all of us would say that we're not easily influenced by the crowd, deep down we are hard wired with a need to belong. In addition every change always has those willing to be pioneers and early adopters. This strategy taps into this resource to further showcase, celebrate and solicit testimonials from.

So I'll leave you with this. For whatever you are trying to change; how can you track, reward, celebrate and market the folks you already have in the win column? No matter how small that overall percentage today. After all very few people want to be the last hold out.

After all everyone is doing it!

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