The Heart of Agile

Over the past several months I have diving deeper into the work of Alistair Cockburn and the Heart of Agile concept. Alistair is one of the original contributors of the Agile Manifesto and he has a great way of cutting through the crap to get to the good stuff.

I agree with Alistair’s belief that Agile today has become a victim of being too mainstream and commercialized. It has become something you do, a process vs a way of approaching problem solving.  Scrum and other frameworks have become something teams are expected to execute with precision vs a way to learn agility. We have placed too much focus on executing well while forgetting the reasons why were doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think frameworks can be useful ways for teams to organize and deliver.  I also believe that without strong cultural support of the agile principals that live below the surface organizations will struggle and fail to win with agile.

Below is a excerpt from Alistair’s Heart of Agile site with the link following at the end.

“Agile has become overly decorated. Let’s scrape away those decorations for a minute, and get back to the center of agile.”

When encouraging getting back to the center of agile, I found I kept emphasizing four things:

– Collaborate
– Deliver
– Reflect
– Improve


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